Do You Need CarAccidents Attorney?

The gradual increases in the rate of car accidents and fatal injuries have resulted in the rise of the need for legal practitioners to become a part of our lives. The constant jumping of traffic signals, not adhering to the traffic rules and regulations, drunk driving, rash driving and exceeding the appropriate speed limits results in accidents claiming one’s life and causing severe damage to the body as well as the involved property.

Who is an attorney?

The dire need to have someone work for us at a professional front during a serious car accident satisfies and relieves our stress after an accident. At hard times like these, we tend to hire a car accident attorney who guides us through the confusing terms and claims of insurance. He or she is typically a lawyer who practices law at the upfront. The only difference that distinguishes a lawyer from an attorney is that a lawyer is someone who is learned in law while an attorney is a person practicing law. He or she helps us to defend our case and settle our insurances.

Need for an attorney

 Given here are some situations where one is required to hire a car accident attorney to protect his or her interests.

  • when there is serious injury like broken bones
  • in cases involving the death of our companion or loved ones
  • in cases when the cost of medical treatment is higher and out of your budget
  •  in cases when one suffers non-economic  loses like mental and emotional trauma, pain  and sufferings
  • in cases where there arises a conflict about who is responsible for the accident
  • in situations when several people are harmed and injured in the accident
  •  in cases when the defaulter and claimer lack the proper paperwork
  • in cases where there is scope for negotiating with the terms of an insurance claim with the insurance companies

Salary and income

An attorney’s fees can be quite expensive and are in direct accordance with the amount of wreckage caused during the time of the accident. Most of the car accident attorney has fixed annual income as they work for contingency fees. They earn a fixed amount of percentage of any settlement received by the plaintiff during negotiation and settlement. The percentage that a personal attorney can receive varies in a contingency fees agreement, usually ranging from 25 to 40 percent with 33 percent third of the total insurance claim as a pretty fixed standard.